The Equip Auto 2015 GOLDEN TROPHY for Innovation in the garage equipment category was awarded to the innovative diagnostic tyre changer from the Emilia based company by a jury of 60 journalists from 20 different countries


The Equip Auto 2015 GOLDEN TROPHY for Innovation in the garage equipment category was awarded to the Artiglio Uniformity diagnostic tire changer by a panel of 60 journalists from 20 different countries

Presented at Autopromotec in Bologna in May 2015, the ARTIGLIO UNIFORMITY has proven to be an immediate, resounding success, with its unique diagnostic tyre changer capabilities applauded all over the world. A machine unlike anything ever seen before on the market, which marks the beginning of a new technological era in the automotive sector.


The trophy, awarded on October 13 in Paris during the Equip Auto International Show, acknowledges the innovative qualities of the Artiglio Uniformity which, since its presentation, have set this machine apart from any other product existing today, and highlights the huge benefits it offers in terms of both service quality and safety for the motorist.

 But what exactly is the Artiglio Uniformity? It is a tyre changer with diagnostic functions which, using a variable force presser roller and extremely high precision laser sensors, not only performs normal tyre mounting and demounting operations, but also runs a complete diagnosis of the individual wheel and/or the entire wheel set of the vehicle, analysing geometry with and without load and simulating on-road behaviour to maximise driver comfort and safety. It resolves the vibration problem, telling the tyre specialist how to mount the tyre on the rim in the best possible way (match-mounting), thereby reducing current work times by at least 25% and eliminating 50% of the steps previously required. Every step in the procedure is indicated clearly and simply via the extremely intuitive and user friendly graphic interface.


This prize awarded to Corghi is just the latest in a series of landmarks in a company history built on innovation and world firsts, beginning in 1954 with the world's first tyre changer, the Artiglio, and including milestones such as the Artiglio Master in 2001, the first “leva la leva” tyre changer, and the R.E.M.O. in 2012, the first clampless wheel aligner, which went on to win the Italian Meccatronica show prize.

The accolade acknowledges the Italian company's ability to innovate and develop unique technological solutions, made possible by a commitment to investing in ideas pursued since its inception