Covers all 8 & 10 lug bolt patterns and hub bores from Chevrolet, Dodge & Ford cylindrically.
Duo Collet System 4 collets w/ case Centering range: 54 – 86 mm (2.12” – 3.39”)
This kit comes complete with 4 different flange plates each with letters and bolt patterns engraved, the set also includes; three sets of studs (21 studs total), and a trolley to help keep the work area orderly and mobile.
Kit includes a set of 3 Quick Plates and 1 wall board. Fully adjustable bolt circle from 95 - 182 mm. (3.75”-7.16”) For all 4, 5, and 6-hole rims. No time-consuming search for the correct bolt circle.
9 pc Collet Set

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