Use on 5-piece rims 25" to 51" with pry bar/bead loosing pockets. Ram will break the toughest of beads. Use with 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump.

Weight: 31lbs


Works on single, two and three-piece truck tires/rims. Breaks beads in seconds using 13.8 tons of force. "Combi" Bead Breaker will not work on five-piece Earthmover giant wheel/rim, Model #10100 or Model #10105 is required.

Weight: 36lbs


Works on ALL 3-piece wheels with extended flange that have replaced the older 5-piece wheels. Designed to work on front or back of the wheel with no attachments or accessories. Longer feet and claw than the "Combi" Bead Breaker Model 10101

Weight: 38lb


Use on 5 piece rims 39", 45", 51", 57", and 63" wheel sizes. In some cases you must first use [Model #10105] or the [Model #10100] bead breaker to start the movement of the rim flange; the [Model #10103] can then be used.

Weight: 54 lbs


Smaller, more compact design fits on the backside of most wheels. Use only on 5-piece rims 25" and 29" Earthmover tire/wheel with pry bar/bead loosening pocket. 2" Stroke.

Weight: 24 lbs


10 Tons of Bead Breaking force that breaks the inner bead on dual farm tractor tires. Requires just 3" of operating space between the dual tractor tires. No need to remove the outside wheel to change the tire on the outside dual.
Weight: 54 lbs


Lightweight aluminum bead breaker reduces weight of the tool by approx. 20+%. Works on all single piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece tires & rims. 13.8 tons of bead breaking force.

Weight: 32 lbs


Newly Improved Bead Hook -- Reinforced with Steel Brackets to Create better leverage on rim & add dexterity.
Loosens tire bead from the rim with leverage. Excellent for working on the tire without removing the wheel.

Weight: 12 lbs


Lightweight tool for removing combine, forestry, and tractor tires after breaking the bead. Acts as a "Third Hand" and has a pushing force of 8,000 lbs. and a 5.5" stroke. The push off tool hooks between the rim and the tire bead.

Weight: 9 lbs


OTR Bead Breaker for heavy duty 3-piece rims with extended flange that have replaced standard 5-piece rims. Works on both front and back of wheel without dismounting wheel from vehicle.

Weight: 30 lbs


Lightweight aluminum construction. 5 tons of bead breaking force. 5 tons of bead breaking force. To be used on 3-piece wheel assemblies.

Weight: 39 lbs
Stroke: 4.75"


Kit increases opening on Combi Style Bead Breakers. Will fit models from IMT, FEC, Stellar and Esco. Can be added to tool in minutes-easy to apply.


Converts Combi Bead Breaker (Model 10101) to Maxi Bead Breaker (Model 10102)

Kit includes longer feet and claw for deep dished style wheels.

Weight: 10 lbs


Convert your existing aluminum bead breaker. Upgrade kit will push on bead of the tire - NOT the sidewall.