Extra heavy duty large bore inflater with 5' rubber hose. 1/2" ball valve with provision for checking pressure and a H4660A chuck.


Large bore inflation gauge- with in-line gauge. Equipped with H4660A chuck and a 6' hose. Gauge is calibrated 10-120 psi in 2lb. Increments.


Standard/Large bore air liquid gauge Calibrated 0-160 lbs. In 5lb units & 0-1000 in kpa metric scale. 14" flexible hose, holds pressure readout until released.


Standard/Large bore air liquid master gauge Straight on air chuck fits both standard/large bore valves. Has 12" flexible hose to get at hard to reach valves. Calibrated 1-160 psi in 1lb. Increments. Has recalibration feature.